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Our JCAHO-accredited treatment facility provides detox and inpatient rehab services for anyone suffering from substance use disorder. We also offer treatment plans for individuals struggling with mental health and addiction issues (commonly referred to as co-occurring disorders). We offer evidence-based treatment programs that include individual therapy and other complementary therapies in order to help our patients overcome drug and alcohol addiction and withdrawal. We are conveniently located just outside of Houston in The Woodlands, TX. Magnolia City Detox is where Texas residents attend in order to overcome substance abuse and mental health conditions. We offer comprehensive programs that are structured to meet individuals’ specific needs. Each person has a unique background and story therefore no two rehabilitation plans should look identical. Your recovery process starts by contacting us!

Our Facility in The Woodlands


Our Texas Addiction Treatment Programs

Patients can expect to overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings in a safe and recovery-focused environment at Magnolia City Detox in The Woodlands. Upon admission, our medical treatment team will not only provide a treatment plan while in our care, but will also work with you and your loved ones to develop an aftercare plan that is suitable for your recovery.

We help transition clients into our residential addiction rehab programs in Houston. Though we are known for our highly effective detox facility, we offer various treatment programs that come after detoxification within our continuum of care. While attending our residential treatment center clients participate in therapy, substance use education, relapse prevention planning, recovery support groups, and various other forms of treatment.

We recognize that each patient’s road to recovery is unique, so providing the appropriate clinical assessment is crucial to determine their individualized treatment plan. We do this by thoroughly evaluating each individual to best determine their mental health, medical history, and substance use disorders. At our treatment center located in the Woodlands, Texas, we assure you that you will be connected to a clinician who is dedicated to your long-term success. Magnolia City is here to support you on your road to sobriety!

Medical DetoxMedical Detox

Our medical detox facility offers 24-hour-a-day monitoring by trained and licensed medical staff as well as support staff who are in long-term recovery.

Substance Use StabilizationSubstance Use Stabilization

Our drug abuse stabilization program helps clients transition from detoxification to our full rehabilitation in our residential program.

Residential TreatmentResidential Treatment

Residential treatment is the gold standard in substance use programs. Our treatment center in Woodlands, TX helps clients overcome addiction with evidence-based practices.

Dual Diagnosis TreatmentDual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s common that mental health and substance abuse co-occur. In order to effectively treat a person they need a combination program that addresses mental health and drug use.

Our Detoxification Programs in Woodlands, TX

Detox is the first step in treating substance misuses like alcohol use disorder or other substance use issues. However, it’s important to remember that detoxification is only the first step in overcoming the disease of addiction. There are several factors that will determine the length of time it will take you to go through detox. However, our Woodlands rehab specializes in helping clients recover from a variety of drug addiction issues. During this entire process, you’ll be under medical supervision and work directly with a treatment specialist. Once you’ve completed this process you’ll move to our stabilization program and prepare for residential drug rehab.

Alcohol DetoxAlcohol Detox

Alcohol is one of the most deadly substances to detox from. Our center for alcohol detoxification in Houston offers the supervision needed to safely detox from alcohol.

Prescription DetoxPrescription Detox

Every year, 16.3 million individuals abuse prescription medications. Prescription drug detoxification is required in order to achieve recovery.

Benzo DetoxBenzo Detox

Benzo withdrawal symptoms are highly dangerous and should not be dealt with alone. Our benzo detoxification program provides constant care.

Opiate DetoxOpiate Detox

Our opiate detox facility offers 24-hour monitoring by trained and medication-assisted treatment to ensure as much comfort as possible.

Cocaine DetoxCocaine Detox

About 1.3 million people had a cocaine use disorder in the past 12 months. Cocaine detoxification allows individuals to create a strong foundation for a lasting recovery.

Heroin DetoxHeroin Detox

About 1 million people have died in the last two decades from a drug overdose. 75% of these overdoses are heroin-related.

Fentanyl DetoxFentanyl Detox

Fentanyl use and overdose have consistently increased since 2019. Fentanyl detoxification can be life saving for clients addicted to the synthetic opioid.

Methadone DetoxMethadone Detox

Methadone detoxification is often difficult to overcome due to the length of withdrawal symptoms. Our drug rehab specializes in helping clients recover safely.

Insurances We Accept

Magnolia City Detox Center accepts most private insurance. Please call for a free verification.

We accept most in and out-of-network insurances that may or may not be on this list. Please call for a free verification of benefits 24/7 so we may help you. Insurances may change from time to time.

A Safe and Structured Environment to Get Complete Recovery in The Woodlands


Addiction Medicine Experts

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing only the very best drug rehab in The Woodlands, TX for each and every one of our clients. We offer medication-assisted treatment for individuals that qualify. This can be crucial for long-term recovery for anyone suffering from opioid or alcohol addiction.


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Yes, we offer residential, also known as, inpatient treatment in Houston. At Magnolia City, our continuum of care starts with detoxification, then our client’s transition to our stabilization program, then finally to our inpatient program. This is where you’ll be able to address the causes of drug and alcohol use disorder.

We do offer short and long-term inpatient alcohol and drug detox outside of Houston in the Woodlands, Texas for people who need medical supervision during their stay. This ensures our patients an easy and safe withdrawal process.

As a detoxification and residential treatment-only facility we do not offer outpatient services; however, we can connect you with outpatient support when you’re ready for that form of care. We will make sure you are set up with the right aftercare to help with your unique situation.

At Magnolia City in The Woodlands, we offer detoxification services, stabilization, and residential treatment to assist you in your overall substance use recovery. This includes helping you through the withdrawal symptoms and placing you in a 24/7 supportive treatment program immediately after getting out of detox.

Magnolia City works with most major insurance providers who cover out-of-network benefits, usually those with a PPO, POS or EPO policy. We also offer some payment assistance in the form of a reduced sliding fee scale for those not covered by health insurance.

Yes. We have a dedicated admissions team that is available 24/7 to help you. All you have to do is make the call. We’ll handle the rest. You can also reach out to our rehab centers by filling out your information on our “contact us” page. Any and all conversations are strictly confidential.

Detoxification is meant to help individuals through withdrawal. The time often varies from person to person, as well as what substances are involved. However, most alcohol and drug detox in Houston are 3, 5, or 7 days long.

The exact cost of treatment depends on a number of things. This often includes insurance coverage, length of treatment, and specific type of treatment. Most insurance companies cover about 50% of the cost. Many cover even more. For a better idea of the cost of our drug and alcohol treatment center in The Woodlands, please head over to our admissions page for a free cost consultation.

You should prepare to bring the essentials with you for a drug and alcohol rehab stay. Our treatment center allows you to keep necessary clothes and toiletries, as well as any currently prescribed medications (however our treatment team will oversee you taking these). For a full list visit our frequently asked questions page.

At Magnolia City, we offer several types including individual, group, and family therapy. You’ll also benefit from relapse prevention training, drug abuse education, and learning basic life skills. We work to help improve your physical and mental health and prepare you for life outside of drug and alcohol rehab.

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