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Multiplan Coverage For Addiction Treatment

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a landmark US federal statute enacted by the 111th United States Congress and signed into law on March 23, 2010. Alongside the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 amendment, this federal statute represents the U.S. healthcare system’s most significant regulatory overhaul and expansion of coverage since the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. This statute also includes coverage of drug rehabilitation in the insurance coverage, one example of which is the Multiplan Coverage For Addiction Treatment.

multiplan Insurance for addiction treatment

The insurance providers that are members of the MultiPlan network cover a wide range of services, including treatment for substance and alcohol addiction. The Affordable Care Act requires Marketplace coverage plans to insure mental health and substance abuse treatment as essential health services. This is seen as a major help for those seeking treatment such as medical detox and certain aspects of rehabilitation.

Is MultiPlan a PPO?

MultiPlan functions as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) which offers health plans with limited benefits for seeking treatment for mental health issues and substance use disorders. Depending upon the type of insurance plan, your plan can cover either the cost in its total amount or in a partial arrangement. MultiPlan PPOs are more flexible than most HMOs as patients do not have to change doctors they prefer to stay with, as they may already feel safe and confident in the services provided by their preferred doctor.

MultiPlans within the network are also more cost-effective for coverage, compared to out-of-network plans. As with most other types of insurance, patients seeking providers outside of the MultiPlan network may have to pay significantly more for their coverage. An important detail to know is that while individuals do have the freedom to choose which doctors they want, they may have to consider the premiums that they have to meet with their chosen provider each month.

Third-party administrators, HMOs, and self-funded plans are involved in the MultiPlan coverage.

multiplan Insurance coverage for addiction treatment

Does the MultiPlan Coverage include Dual Diagnosis?

One of the best things about the MultiPlan coverage is that it also covers dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is a far more complex condition as it is a combination of a mental health issue alongside a substance abuse disorder. This means that two different conditions need to be treated concurrently. Treatment for substance abuse disorders is quite costly, and so are treatments for specific mental health issues. Seeking treatment for both conditions concurrently could amount to a significant cost, which makes the MultiPlan coverage considerably valuable.

The MultiPlan coverage also includes treatment for mental health issues alone, although the severity of the particular mental health issue could factor into the level of care needed.

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What is Included in the MultiPlan Coverage for Substance Abuse?

It is important to understand what falls under the coverage of insurance plans when seeking treatment, as some aspects might not be included in the coverage, or might not be offered by the particular insurance network member facility. The MultiPlan Network for addiction treatment offers health plans with limited benefits for those needing treatment for mental health issues or substance use disorders, or both. These services include:

There are mental health issues or rehab cases that could require staying in a facility where clinically-trained professionals and medical equipment are readily available. In such cases, enrolling in an inpatient program is the most ideal solution, as these facilities offer a hospital-like environment where the patient is monitored and cared for during the duration of their stay.

There are many instances where treatment for either mental health issues or substance abuse could require the use of medications, and in most cases, these medications could be quite costly. Having an insurance policy that offers coverage for the cost of these medications guarantees that the patient will receive the medication should they need it.

Any kind of recovery from a substance abuse disorder begins with medical detox. No amount of treatment will work if the patient is not made to stop using the substances first. Medical detox is also where the withdrawal symptoms begin to set in, and depending upon the severity of the symptoms, the patient could require special care and medications like heroin detox program to mitigate the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

Some treatment forms could require aftercare programs to ensure that the patient does not suffer from a relapse once they are out of the treatment facility. An aftercare program is far more cost-efficient, and in many cases far healthier, than having to check in to rehab once more if the patient gives in to unhealthy habits once more.

Different people have different recovery rates, and in some cases, there are instances of substance abuse or mental health issues that are so severe that the patient could require a longer stay in the treatment facility. The regular duration of treatment is already expensive, and it goes without saying that having to stay far longer would mean an even more expensive stay at the facility. Having an insurance policy that has a provision for a long-term recovery program is immensely helpful in such instances.

Most people in recovery for a substance abuse disorder could require a little more therapy before they could fully integrate back into their normal lives outside of rehab. For these people, the best option would be an outpatient care program, where they are gradually acclimated to life outside of the rehab facility and allowed greater freedom to do things such as getting back to studies or even work, provided they still go back to the treatment facility for regular therapy.

Magnolia City Detox is a Member of the MultiPlan Network

Find the treatment you need and don’t worry about the expense at Magnolia City, our drug and alcohol detox center in houston, because we are a member of the MultiPlan Network. Focus on getting well and let your partner insurance provider worry about the cost of your treatment.


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