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Addiction Treatment in Texas

Our JCAHO accredited inpatient detox is geared to serve the needs of every patient we treat. Medication-assisted detox and other complementary therapies are some of the ways we help our patients overcome withdrawal in early recovery. As a result of our on-site medical staff, we are able to offer the safest possible detoxification in the Greater Houston area for addiction.

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Texas Detox Programs & Services

Patients can expect to overcome withdrawal symptoms and cravings in a safe and recovery-focused environment at Magnolia City Detox. Upon admission, our medical treatment team will not only provide a treatment plan while in our care, but will also work with you and your loved ones to develop a discharge plan that is suitable for your recovery.

We recognize that each patient’s road to recovery is unique, so providing the appropriate clinical assessment while in detox to determine their treatment plan after discharge is absolutely essential. We assure you that you will be connected to a facility or clinician who is dedicated to your long-term success.

Medical Detox

Our medically supervised detox provides safe and effective care for people who want to kick their habit for good.

Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism affects millions of Americans every year. Our alcohol detox program helps individuals create a new life for themselves.

Opiate Detox

An estimated 10.1 million people aged 12 or older misused opioids in the past year. Our opiate detox provides 24/7 supervision.

Prescription Detox

16.3 million people misuse prescriptions a year. Oftentimes, Prescription Drug Detox is often needed to find healing and recovery.

Insurances We Accept

Magnolia City Detox Center accepts most private insurance.

A Safe and Structured Environment to Get Complete Detox in Texas


Addiction Medicine Experts

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing only the very best addiction treatment for each one of our clients.

Kimberly Keys, LCDC

Program Director

Michael Pickens, RN

Director of Nursing


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Why Choose Us

We do offer short-term (7 – 14 days) inpatient detox for people who need medical supervision during their stay. This ensures our patients an easy and safe withdrawal process.

As a detox only facility we do not offer outpatient services; however, we can connect you with outpatient support for when you’re out of detox. We will make sure you are setup with the right aftercare to help your unique situation.

At Magnolia City Detox we offer detox services to assist you in your overall substance use recovery. This includes helping you through the withdrawal symptoms and helping you find the right aftercare for your particular needs.

Magnolia City Detox works with most major insurance providers who cover out-of-network benefits, usually those with a PPO, POS or EPO policy. We also offer reduced cost rates for those not covered by health insurance. 

Yes. We have a dedicated admissions that is available 24/7 to help you. All you have to do is make the call. We’ll handle the rest.


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