Health insurance plans in the US will generally cover the cost of substance use disorder treatment. This necessarily includes drug and alcohol addiction and mental health conditions, much like what Beacon Health Options insurance covers. This needs to be stressed because, despite this fact, a staggering number of Americans still die each year from substance abuse-related overdose instances.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report stating that in 2020 alone, at least 93,655 Americans died from drug-involved overdoses. To underscore this point, since 2015, unintentional poisoning related to drug overdoses is the number one cause of injury-related death in the United States, resulting in the death of more than 40,000 people each year. In 2021

beacon health optionsBeacon Health Options insurance has partnered with many hospitals and addiction treatment centers all over the United States, and those who have Plan I membership can have the expense of their detox services covered. It should be noted that all addiction treatment programs will always begin with medical detox, as there is a need to ensure that the patient stops taking whatever substance they are addicted to and that whatever substance is left in their system is properly flushed out.

Following the medical detox procedure, a therapist will conduct a thorough assessment of the patient to determine what type of therapy would be best suited as treatment during rehabilitation, so as to ensure a higher rate of success and less likelihood of a relapse. This is important to note as a high number of relapse cases are attributed to the therapy as being ill-suited to the patient, and therefore less effective in promoting a proper recovery. Documented cases of successful rehabilitation and a high rate of maintained sobriety are typically associated with an effective therapy type utilized during treatment.

Holders of the Plan I Beacon Health Options will receive coverage for addiction rehabilitation, treatment, and medical detox services at any of the approved providers. Plan II members, however, are not covered for any kind of substance abuse treatment.

Beacon Health Options members may also choose any provider that is not within the company’s network for treatment, but it should be noted that the total dollar amount cannot exceed what is allowed on the membership plan. Should it exceed the stated amount on the plan, the patient will have to pay the difference. On top of that, patients who use a non-network provider might have to pay an up-front fee and file their own claims.

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Does Beacon Health Options Cover Alcohol Rehab in Texas?

Yes, Beacon Health Options offers behavioral health services and covers different types of levels of care in Texas. This coverage reduces the financial burden of rehabilitation and makes it easier to access drug rehab programs offered by company network providers in the state.

Typically, the coverage amount and services may vary and depend on the particulars of the membership plan. Beacon Health Options offers benefits that provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Texas. Details and particulars about what other benefits a member could get may be known by contacting the Beacon Health Options provider and the drug rehabilitation center in Texas as well.

Depending upon the procedures followed by the drug rehabilitation center, using health insurance like Beacon Health Options will usually involve multiple steps. Most drug rehab facilities in Texas evaluate the patient first so as to create a plan for the rehabilitation process. The treatment begins with a supervised medical detox to manage withdrawal cravings and symptoms. This is followed by enrolling in a residential or outpatient drug rehab program. Most inpatient and outpatient drug rehab centers are also covered by health insurance. To ensure lasting sobriety and further strengthen the patient against the possibility of a relapse, aftercare support might also be suggested like 12-step meetings, sober living homes, and other forms of peer support.

How Does the Beacon Health Options Behavior Health Coverage Work?

Beacon Health Options offers benefits that can either cover or reduce the cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. The benefits and coverage typically depend on the particular Beacon Health Options plan and the network member rehabilitation facility. Health insurance may also cover a percentage of the cost through a deductible, coinsurance, or copayment option. A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan may also allow a person to choose their primary care physician and stay with the chosen healthcare provider for most of their medical needs. A patient who seeks drug or alcohol rehabilitation services outside of the network, however, will likely need a referral from the primary care physician.

Usually, HMO plans have lower or no deductible fees, and overall coverage is usually lower than a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, another common healthcare plan provider. Unlike HMO plans, PPO plans allow patients to seek healthcare providers in and out of their network without the need for a referral from the primary care physician. PPO plans, however, are known to have higher deductibles than those of HMO plans.

Members with substance abuse benefits to their plan have access to the Beacon Health Options comprehensive substance abuse treatment options. This includes coverage of outpatient drug rehabilitation in Texas, and also coverage for different counseling and therapy and some aftercare support. Also included is coverage for residential drug rehab centers. These centers provide a structured and supportive environment for patients that offer individual counseling, group therapy, family counseling, dual diagnosis, medication-assisted treatment, life skills development and training, and different behavioral therapies.

Magnolia City Detox is a member of the Beacon Health Options Network

Recovery is truly within your reach with Magnolia City Detox in The Woodlands, as we are a member of the Beacon Health Options provider network. Put concerns regarding the cost of rehabilitation behind you, and let us help you find your way back to a healthy and dependence-free life. This is not just a promise, it is a reality and it is open to anyone who needs it, so talk to us now and let us work to get back to the fullness of your life.

Dr. Olaniyi O. Osuntokun

Dr. Olaniyi O. Osuntokun is a Neurology & Psychiatry Specialist based in Conroe, Texas, and Lafayette, Indiana. He has extensive experience in treating Individuals with substance use disorders and addiction. He earned his medical degree from University of Ibadan College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

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